New love and Old love


James began to protest, but before he could, she was already running the rag over him. He had no reason to be insecure, as he was fit and most would even consider him above average looking, but for some reason he felt the need to cover up. It was then that he remembered his own scars. James did the same thing he had done his entire life, and suppressed the thoughts of his scars, almost immediately forgetting. He sat up straight to stretch, exposing his muscular torso and arms. "I can almost guarantee that I didn't break anything." As he stretched his arms behind his back, he wiggled each finger, again wincing. "See? All fingers move just fine. I just punched the ground and possibly a tree a few times in a fit of rage because I wasn't aiming correctly." He smiled awkwardly, realizing how stupid that must sound. But he was comfortable enough with Whisper to admit when he was being stupid. As he spoke and she cleansed him of


Guardian frowned slightly and walked over to the edge of Xens bed before sitting down 0n the floor; "If you understand my pain, then you have your own painful story. Only a parent that's lost a child knows the pain of losing a child." Instinctively, she gently brushed some of his hair away from his face and looked into his eyes; "Are you okay now? Are you healing?" She had been the same way with her now deceased husband - gentle. It was rare that she was soft with anyone. She wasn't rude or mean, but perhaps she was slightly cold and numb. Her 10 years of military training as a medic taught her that it was better to have no attachments. It was not common for her to be gentle, or soft.

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