Guardian smiled softly at the pairs bond; "While we're out today, can you just check up on Xen and Fox? Also, keep an eye on Hope. We will be back by dark if all goes well." She then waved as she left the doorway and walked to find James and Whisper. She met them in the hallway soon after "Hey, you both are coming with me to hunt right? I can't hunt for 6 adults and a wolf by myself." She chuckled slightly (ooc: she continues talking in James pov).

James followed Maria sluggishly. "Yeah. We will both go. Alue isn't coming?" He responded to Guardian, looking behind her for Alue. Guardian shook her head in response but then smiled "Oh, right I forgot to say, fox is awake. You guys have 5 minutes to talk to her and then we need to go."

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