Worry pt3

(ooc: It's okay, I understand life stressors!)


James took a moment to kiss Whisper softly and calmly before turning with her hand in his to find Guardian. "We can't rush, because if anything did happen, we don't want to worsen the situation." Suddenly, as if she knew she'd been needed, Guardian walked into their line of sight as she emerged from some thick brush. "Guardian! She fell out of a tree." James spoke quickly, his worry began to show.


After catching nothing, Guardian had decided to move to a different area for a more successful hunt. In the process of attempting to find a better hunt, she ran into the others. James quickly explained that Whisper had fallen from a tree. Guardian walked over calmly, knowing to keep the aura relaxed to prevent any further panic. "Alright Whisper, do you have any pain in the stomach area? Any tenderness?" As she spoke, she lifted Whispers shirt slightly to look for any signs of bruising or redness.


Fox turned to Xen after processing everything she'd just seen; "I...I saw them. I saw James and Whisper. I could feel the air and the ground. I was there some how."

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