Worry Pt. 5


She was standing there letting Guardian inspect her stomach that was riddled with old scars. "Uhm," Whisper spoke softly, her heart racing. "A little back pain, but that's it. I landed on my back." A single hand slid down to touch her stomach with worry. Blue eyes turned to James with all kinds of emotions swimming in them.

She did not want to lose their baby. This was Whisper's biggest dream ever since she was a young teenager - a family. A real family with children of her own.

"I'm scared..." She whispered to Guardian.


The night had drifted and he was walking toward them with curiosity. The sound of Whisper screaming had stressed Ron out, especially since the last time he had been around he got his ass handed to him. This time, though, he had found some medication and was taking it.

He would have to find more somewhere or find a way to make it, but Ron was no chemist and no good at making what he needed. Maybe there was someone in this world still alive that could? He was unsure.

Keeping out of sight, he saw them talking and noted how Guardian was checking Whisper's stomach. Is she pregnant? He thought and looked down to his small bag of supplies. If he took them to the old pharmacy where he found these would they tell him what he wanted to know?

He was more worried about what James would do, though?

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