A slight grimace fell over her at Guardian's last words. " hands were turning black and I freaked out." Whisper explained as she looked to the patch of grass that was now dead and blackened as if it had been burned. "It suddenly happened and when I touched the ground...that happened."

She gestured to the patch.


Listening, Ron frowned. So, he wasn't the only one after all? He wasn't the only one that could suddenly do something he had not been able to before?

This did not bode well. His eyes fell upon James and his own face began to ache again where the blond had punched him. A part of the red head was positive his jaw was cracked - maybe, but what doctor would see him? They were all dead.

Turning, he starts to leave, only to flinch when a twig snapped beneath his feet. "Shit," He seethed under his breathe.

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