James growled before dropping the arrow to the ground as he kept his eyes locked on to Ronald; "There's something off? Everything he's done and you just now think something might be off?" His anger began to boil inside of him but quickly diminished when he noticed Guardian glaring at him. He closed his eyes and dropped his head, realizing how he had just snapped at Maria. He turned and gently kissed the top of her head; "I'm sorry, that was uncalled for." James then walked to stand behind the mother of his future child, placing his hands on her hips so that Ron knew he would not allow him to get anywhere near her.


After hearing anger roll off of James's tongue, targeting Maria, Guardian shot a nasty look at him. Her eyes was all she needed to scold him into realizing what he had said. Once the situation had calmed down, she turned to Ron; "With Whispers permission, I'll asses you."

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