Questions and Answers

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Guardian went silent for a moment, thinking about why strange things were suddenly happening. "We need to get back to home base so that I can write somethings down and ask questions. At the VERY least, did anyone get anything from the hunt?" James wrapped one arm around Maria, still standing behind her and rested his chin on her shoulder while raising the free hand. "I'm pretty sure I took down a buck. We'll have to continue hunting tomorrow I think." Guardian nodded in agreement; "Lets find the buck first. Can you walk?" She asked Ron.


James closed his eyes and leaned into Maria slightly. He had always had problems with controlling his anger, but this moment for some reason only helped him to feel calmer. He let his anger fade away as he focused on how Maria felt in his arms, the faint smell of her sweet scent, and he focused mostly on protecting her and their child.

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