I'm Fine


Maria smiled to James. "For you, I will always be safe." She said in a soft voice and lead them back home where she would skin and begin cooking the buck for everyone.


Surprised by Foxfoot's kindness, Ron could only offer a half smile. "I'll be fine. It's just my shoulder that hurts the most." He explained and tried to pull away from the blue haired girl. With medication in him, he was able to think rationally and felt horrible for all he had done, especially to these people. "I..." He wanted to apologize, but realized it would do no good.

So, following them inside, he allowed Guardian to tend to his wounds without any hassle.


Keeping an eye on Ron was his top priority at the moment. Hope held gently in his arms as he sat in a corner, he gently rocked the child and kept her as comfortable as he could. Using his jacket, he had her bundled up to fight off any cold air that might disturb her.

"Are you sure it's safe to have him here?" He asked Guardian and Foxfoot. "Also, Alue is resting if you want to check on her. She won't leave Shadow's side. I understand why."

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