OOC - Welcome New Member!

Hello creator of Cyrus! The game has had some slight changes since the beginning! I'll catch you up with a quick summary.

Guardian is the unconfirmed 'leader' of a tribe of survivors. This group was originally Guardian, James, Fox, Whisper, and Alue. Guardian delivered a baby and named her Hope, and then adopted her as the mother died in labor. The tribe works together to raise Hope, but Hope is also their largest vulnerability. Xen was a rogue and Ron was a bandit turned rogue, but both have began to hang around with the main tribe.

THIS IS IMPORTANT: If you character had been previously ill with the virus and survived, they are going to develop an ability or "power" of your choice. I want to try and stray away from things like flight and teleportation. The ability has to have come from a chemical change in the persons DNA. The virus alters the dna of its survivors.

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