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"It's okay. With that marksmanship, he would've killed us already if he wanted us dead." James said, wrapping an arm around Marias waist. "Are you okay? Did you get hurt at all?" He asked while skimming over her body with his eyes to look for any obvious wounds.

Guardian winced as she moved her hand to see how bad the wound was. "I need to stand or even sit Xen. I need to know if it was a through and through or if the bullet is still in there." She placed her hand back over the entrance wound and applied pressure, as it was still bleeding. She placed her weight on her feet and held herself up with her free arm on a near by lab table. "Oh, I'm Guardian by the way. The dumb ass who got her ass shot." She spoke in the direction of the newcomer. "What brings you here."

(Back at base)


Fox frowned slightly as she wiped a tear from her own eye, "I'm sorry. Usually she's so good. I'm not sure what the problem is today. Just, don't tell Guardian I let you hold her." She gently handed the screaming baby to Ronald while she took in a deep breath, trying to relieve the stress.

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