Rest, Comfort, and Where's The Bath?


Looking to her wound calmly, Xen began to grab up supplies. "I can stitch it up, but I don't think you should go hunting. I can do that." Setting his spear aside, he had her sit down and got to work. "I want you to rest and heal. It is better for you to take this one step at a time. You can ask for help..."


A sweet smile crossed Maria's face as James spoke and her love for him only grew stronger with each moment she spent with him. "You're already helping, silly." She told him as she pulled him into a tight hug. "Just being here helps me so much. I feel safe with you." Looking down, she set one of his hands on her belly. "And this child of ours will feel so lucky to have you as a father."

(Back at Base)


A frown crossed Ron's face as he watched Foxfoot, a look of curiosity entering his eyes. Her behavior reminded him so much of himself at her age. Only, he was sure the reasons were different. "I'm not tired," He admitted and finally pulled his gaze away from her to look around the room. "Where do you normally bathe around here?" He lifted his shirt slightly, sniffing the material. His expression changed to disgust. "Yeah, I need to bathe..."

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