The virus

---- Lucille ----
"Well not if you keep smoking rolled up cancer." She put a hand on her hip and rolled her eyes. "Anyway, this is serious. Im familiar with the strain of virus you were injected with. What exactly did he tell you when he presented this strain?"

---- Guardian ----
Guardian had always struggled in life; when she was a teenage she worked a full time job on top of school to help support her family. In her adult life, she'd always been deployed, in the field, or running around doing busy work. The idea of resting while the others were on a hunt felt foreign. "Xen, I'm not useless because I was shot. I want to be the one to help, not be the one that needs it."

---- James ----
James smiled softly and pulled Maria into his arms gently "I can't wait to have a family with you." He looked up, noticing the sun setting in the horizon; "I doubt it'll stay warm much longer. Do you want to go back inside? Or we can stay out here for a little while if you want to."

(Back at base)

---- Fox----
"There's a lake not too far from here. Actually, the first time we saw you was there when your old boss ambushed us with a posse of bandits. The lake has fresh water, so that's where we go to bathe and wash clothes. If you want to go there, I can get Hope into the carrier." She pointed to a woven basket with soft blankets and a handle to carry it. "I'd rather you not go alone at night."

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