Wait Until Morning


"I understand that." Xen spoke in a calming manner as he kept working, his hands steady and stitchwork surprisingly precise. "But it would be best to rest for a few days once we're back. It's for your health and to keep you from tearing out the stitches by accidents." A look of rare concern was in his eyes as he gazed at Guardian.


Maria followed James' gaze with slight concern. At such small size and being a naturally thin girl with an often fast metabolism, she got cold easier than most. "We should head back inside." She said softly as she hugged him back. "I don't want either of us getting sick or anything."

(Back at Base)


A slight frown crossed Ron's face as he glanced toward the doorway of the room. "We can wait until morning. It gets pretty cold at night, if I remember correctly. Let's get rest and you can show me the place in the morning, okay?" He explained, though he did not wish to really rest. He knew that all he would do for most of tonight was pace in one of the rooms until it was time to take his meds again.

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