Side effects and a Theory


Lucille looked at the man with amazement in her eyes; "We'll talk side effects in a bit. You don't understand how important you are. You're alive." She had placed emphasis on the word alive. "He injected you with what could most likely be the key to a cure. I need to run tests." She smiled and her breathing became heavy with excitement; "Your blood could be the basis for a cure!" Upon thinking for a moment, she lowered her voice to almost a whisper and looked around to make sure no one was near; "We can't tell anyone. We can't trust anyone. This virus was not an accident. You might be skilled, but you will die if this information reaches the wrong hands. Swear to me you aren't going to tell anyone."


Guardian grimaced from the sharp pain of the needle; "Whisper is pregnant and is experiencing strange side effects from this plague, Fox has an untreated concussion at home and is taking care of my daughter while also housing and caring for a mentally ill murderer and rapist." She sighed heavily "I have too much on my plate to just relax. These kids are the only family I have left Xen. In the amount of time it takes me to recover, anything could happen to them. I have to protect this family..." She paused for a moment and looked to the ground, hiding the sad look in her eyes "I have to protect them better than I did my husband and our daughter. I have a second chance now. I have a baby, Fox, Whisper, James, and now you too. I don't have time for rest."

James followed Whisper back inside, where it was now Just Xen and Guardian. He could easily read the room and see the two having a private conversation, so he steered clear of them. "I'm going to start taking these bodies outside. They deserve a proper burial." He started lifting bodies over his shoulder to bring them outside where he'd dig shallow graves.

(back at base)

Fox shifted her weight uncomfortably, not wanting to explain why she was avoiding sleep. After a moment of silence, she eventually spoke up, deciding that it was better than beating around the bush any longer; "I'll stay up watching Hope. I'd rather not fall asleep, I've been getting nightmares lately and it's not really something I'm coping with well."

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