Proper Burial/Forgiveness

Lucille rolled her eyes; "I mean, don't tell them the virus was not an accident or that you could be the cure. My theory is that if the tests I want to run have the outcomes I expect them to, you could help engineer a cure for whoever is left. The virus not being an accident... it's a fact."

Guardian looked down, thinking for a moment before responding; "I know you're tough. I trust you, just please don't let them get hurt." She put her now bloodied shirt back on, covering her wrapped torso. "Will you help James? I know damn well he's going to want to bury every single one of them."

"Two more to go," James grunted as he slumped another body over his shoulder. His legs were getting tired and his back ached, but he was determined to give each person a proper burial.

Fox smiled softly and placed a gentle hand on Ronald's left arm as her brown eyes met his green ones; "You're already forgiven. You're not the only person to struggle with mental disorders. I'm glad you get medication and you were able to find peace with Whisper."

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