Nodding to Guardian, he helped her get comfortable in a chair real quick before going to help James. Outside, he ushered Whisper back inside so she could keep warm. "She should not work too hard in her state." He tells James with a frown. "Try to keep her from hurting herself. It is my understanding she can be a bit...stubborn?"

He helps James heft the last of the bodies into their graves.


Blue eyes gazed at Cyrus with concern after noting the blood on the label. "Where did you get this?" Whisper/Maria asked in a serious tone as she settled a hand upon her belly. "Why is there blood on it?"

She did not wish to seem like a skeptic, but after everything that had happened to her in the past years, she had to be careful.


Ron gazed at Foxfoot with shcok before nodding slowly. "Thank you," He said with a kind smile. "Do you wish to be left alone for now?" Jerking a thumb toward the door, he continued, "I can go to the room Guardian gave me and pace in there. When I can't sleep, I pace a lot. It helps calm my nerves."

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