Lucille followed behind Cyrus before silently rushing to grab supplies. She returned to Cyrus with a needle and three small tubes. She placed the band around his arm, preparing to take his blood; "You're not scared of needles are you?"

"I wasn't letting her lift bodies or dig graves, she's just been keeping me company." He said with a kind, but serious tone. After making sure all bodies were laid to rest in their graves, he tossed a shovel to Xen and then picked up his own; "I appreciate the help by the way. Lets cover them up." As he worked to cover the bodies in their graves, he decided to make small talk - "So you and Guardian.... You a thing yet?" He asked nonchalantly with a hidden smirk.

"Oh, if you would like to, you could stay in here and pace. I could use the company." Fox gave a warm smile before sitting in the corner and opening up a book to read. She pulled her ponytail a little tighter and began reading

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