OOC - Powers and Abilities

Hey, I'm just wondering what extent these powers go to and how many a single character can have. I was going to use night vision, but it appears someone already used that ability. I have since switched Cyrus' ability to infrared vision, which allows him to see heat signatures, including through objects which heat signatures would penetrate. I've also included enhanced strength. He's not lifting cars, but he can break locks with his hands, hoist his own body weight with ease and punch a lot harder. The third thing is his stamina.

I've been thinking about the biological alterations a person would need to develop these abilities, and for the strength and stamina what you would need is a 130% increase in oxygen circulation, i.e. your lung capacity doubles and then some. With the added oxygen, your muscle fibers become much denser allowing for increased strength and reflexes as well as higher stamina because your blood has more oxygen pumping through it. The downside of this is an increase of oxygen in the blood can cause clots, aneurysms, strokes etc. I've also considered that these abilities would develop based on a subconscious need for improving certain bodily functions. Cyrus, being a military man and a sniper, would always be looking to improve his physical fitness and his vision. Let me know if you want me to add or take away anything. Thanks!

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