"Xen, can you help me get around? It doesn't hurt too much but I've seen torn stitches before and I'm not wanting to have that happen to me." She quietly hoped that Xen wouldn't assume the amount of alcohol she'd consumed was enough to make her drunk or even tipsy. Though she didn't want to admit it to herself, her feelings for the man had grown, which only made her worry about her image to him that much more.
James approached Whisper, making sure to approach from the front where she could see him. He kissed her forehead softly before placing a hand on her belly; "We'll ask Lucille in the morning if there's a pharmacy that may provide us with anything we need. For now, let's find somewhere to sleep. It's a chem lab so there's a lot of rooms, I assume."
Fox thought for a moment before standing up and walking over to Ronald. She carefully took his hands in hers, moving slowly as to not startle him. She flipped his hands so that his palms faced upwards. "This was my coping mechanism growing up. It helped ground me so that I didn't self-harm." She began to slowly trace the lines in his palms, focusing on the path her finger traveled. "See? It's slow and calming and it's something to focus on so that your mind will go quiet for even a little bit."

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