Pour Over

As the sun rose over the horizon, Cyrus wearily opened his eyes. He'd gotten a little sleep at least, although he'd have preferred another hour or two. Wouldn't everybody? He looked over and saw his coin was still in place, so nobody had come inside while he slept. Cyrus sat up and rolled his sleeping bag, then placed it back in his backpack. He wondered what Lucile had discovered from the blood she took, hopefully he'd get the chance to ask her about that today.

Cyrus stepped out of the room and looked around, but he didn't see anyone else. Surely they hadn't left though. He shrugged and made his way outside. On the west side of the building was a fire pit the previous crew had built during their stay here. Cyrus gathered some sticks and kindling, then built a small fire in the pit. Once the fire was going, Cyrus did the unthinkable... he roasted some coffee. Almost instantly the aroma traveled back inside the building. Some people were certain to notice.

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