Smells Like Memories


With calm movements, Xen helped Guardian into a room and set her on a makeshift bed so she could rest. "No worries." He informed her calmly as he took a seat and leaned on the wall to slumber until morning.


With a nod and a smile, Whisper took James' hand and lead him to a room so they could rest. By morning, she was up long before anyone else, having to rush outside due to her stomach demanding she vomit. It was the one downside she already hated about being pregnant, but she was not going to complain.

She loved this child already.

That was when she smelled the coffee and could not help but follow it until she found Cyrus. It had been so long since she had smelled such an aroma. It brought back memories of her father and his morning routine of making coffee before all of this madness began.

So, with slow footsteps and pulling her small jacket around herself, she made her way to where Cyrus was. "Hello," She said in an almost whimpery voice.


Ron smiled as he followed what Foxfoot did. "Interesting," He said. "Thank you." His eyes glanced toward the window, seeing sunlight peeking up from the ground. "We've been up that long?!"

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