Morning Coffee


Xen jolted when Guardian spoke, his eyes opening and glancing around the room as his brain slowly registered her question. "Yes, I am accustomed to sleeping like this." He explained and got to his feet. Setting his spear against the wall, he took a moment to stretch and pop his back.

Turning his full attention to Guardian now, he offered her a kind smile. "Is there anything I can help you with?


"Just black coffee is fine," Whisper said with a slight smile. "Thank you. The last time I had coffee was over a year ago..." She slowly took the cup of hot liquid and found a seat, waiting for James to come out. When she had awoken, she had draped his jacket over him so he would stay warm. "So, are you going to stick around with us? Or leave?"


Holding up a bottle of water, Ron shrugged. "No, I just need to take my medication." He explained before slipping off to his room. The medication was starting to wear off and he didn't want to risk doing anything to the kind blue haired girl. Finding his medicine, he gulped it down quickly with the water and let out a heavy sigh.

The voices in his head had been demanding he do something to her...

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