Test results/head ache

Guardian patted the space on her makeshift bed that remained empty next to her; "You could come keep me warm for a few minutes before I get up." She gave an almost pleading type expression as the cold morning air raised bumps all over her skin.

As James walked groggily through the maze of a lab, his nose picked up the smell of fresh coffee and his feet quickly followed. Before he made it out the door, an exhausted Lucile shoved him out of the way as she burst outside. She ignored the pair outside, and the surprised yelp from James as she made her way to a large outdoor shed. (The shed, in case anyone follows her, is freezing inside and has several see-through coffins of 'dead' bodies)

Leaning over the crib to pick up Hope, Fox froze as a sharp pain spread from the back of her head to the front. Before she had collected the baby into her arms, she lost consciousness and collapsed onto the ground. Her vision faded into darkness before fading back in quickly, but she was no longer in Hopes' room. She now was viewing the world from James's eyes.

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