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Cyrus smiled at Whisper and winked as he passed her the cup. "Just black... a woman after my own heart."

Cyrus chuckled a little as he took a sip, then he turned back to Whisper. "Well, the doc wants me to stick around. She says she needs my help with some research. She's a pistol, that one. I'm not itching to find out what she'd do if I tried to leave, so I guess I'll just stick with y'all for a while."

At that moment, Lucile came stomping past the camp heading toward a storage shed.

"Speak of the devil and she shall appear." Cyrus mumbled under his breath, then he nodded at Lucile as she passed. He then turned and saw James coming their direction as well. "Y'all can help yourselves to the coffee, I'll be back later."

Cyrus then got up and followed Lucile into the shed.

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