The Only Witness Can't Talk


Unable to resist the idea of being in a bed and actually sleeping, Xen took the space that Guardian was patting and let out a contented sigh. "You are too kind to me," He told her with a chuckle, lying back. "I haven't slept in a bed since my wife died..."


Hearing the yelp, Maria turned and saw James getting shoved aside by Lucile. A soft giggle escaped her at the strength of this small woman. "She sure does have a lot of determination," She whispered and brushed back a lock of hair.

After Cryrus walked off, she set her cup of coffee down and went to James, offering him a hand. "You okay there, handsome?" She asked James.


Hearing the thud, Ron stepped into the room and saw Foxfoot on the floor. Dropping the bottle of water in hand, he rushed over and tried to look over the blue haired girl, being very gentle with her head. "What happened?" He asked aloud and turned his gaze to Hope. "Our only witness can't talk..."

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