Possible breakthrough pt1

Lucille walked straight to a table in the back of the shed and gently placed a suitcase on the cold metal surface. Though she was aware of Cyrus's presence, she had little time to acknowledge it. The suitcase hissed as it was opened, revealing the contents inside - Several tubes of different liquids; one of the tubes was labeled Cyrus whereas the one next to it was labeled Cy-C. She filled a syringe with the black liquid inside the Cy-C tube, leaving a small amount behind.
"I'm sure I just look so handsome right now," James said with a laugh to follow as he took Maria's hand to help himself up. "Two questions - one, is that coffee? And two, should we follow them?" He asked as he watched Cyrus and Lucille disappear into a shed.
Guardian smiled sleepily as she laid her head on Xen's chest; "You know, I can see how much you love your wife. Which can only mean she loved you just as much if not more. It takes a lot to get a man's attention as she has yours. I just think that if she could see you, she'd want you to sleep in a bed and to try to be happy despite everything you've lost. I don't think she'd want to see you hurting so much. If I had to watch my husband suffer every day so much that he couldn't even sleep in a bed, it'd only hurt me." She yawned softly as she began to drift off again, listening to his heartbeat.

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