Slumber and Panic


"Yes, it's coffee," Whisper said with a soft giggle. Grabbing up a cup and pouring him some, she handed it to James. "I'm not sure if we should follow. Lucile seems like a firecracker..." With one hand, she picked up her cup and took a sip of the bitter concoction. "We can if you want to, though."


As Guardian fell asleep, Xen thought of what she had said. His eyes were already growing heavy, a slight smile forming on his face. "I'll be happy for you..." He whispered as slumber took him as well.


Still shaking Fox gently, Ron felt panic course through him. "C'mon, wake up!" He said, the panic evident in his voice. "What's going on?!" He tried anything he could think of: Pinching her arm, her nose, tickling her even. Nothing seemed to work. Was this his fault? Was the concussion having delayed effects on her.

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