Lucille pushed the tip of an empty syringe needle against Cyrus's carotid artery; "You can stay if you're curious about my work.." She paused for a moment and rolled her eyes, a hint of a smirk on her lips; "or if you're curious about me. But either way, stay out of my way unless you intend to help." She turned her attention back to the body that lay exposed to the open air. She took the syringe of Cy-C content and pushed it into the seemingly lifeless body, injecting the liquid carefully. "I have reason to believe that the virus doesn't really kill its victims. Honestly, it hardly even qualifies as a virus. It may, however, be using the bodies of its victims as a nest. There's a ton of bodies that lie around, whether they are buried or just forgotten... none of them are decomposing. I think this virus has found a way to freeze their victims' life." She suddenly stopped speaking, voices of the past reminding her just how annoying her rants can be. "Uhm, sorry. I get carried away." She said as she took notes in a large notepad while observing the body carefully

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