Lucille cocked her head to the side slightly, resembling a confused dog. She looked Cyrus up and down before smirking "I should let you talk more often. You must have a decent educational background. When we have time for it, I want to know more about you." She refocused her attention to the body in front of her, which had shown no change. "We see this type of hiatus on decomposition in incorruptible bodies. While there are some theories on what would cause a body to be incorruptible, the classification itself is extremely rare; however, I think that's what we may be seeing here. And if that's correct, it's possible that this virus or whatever it is, may not even be from the planet Earth. This could very well be a form of biological warfare. There are components in your blood that are not even on the periodic table." Lucille spoke as she poked and prodded the body in various places. She stopped talking the moment she placed the diaphragm of her stethoscope onto the chest of the man lying on her table. She looked up at Cyrus, her eyes wide and aware; "There's a heartbeat."

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