Cyrus was briefly taken aback by the revelation his blood contents were... alien. Did he come from another planet? Cyrus didn't know much about his childhood, so hey, it was possible. He instantly snapped out of his trance when Lucile told him the corpse on the table still had a heartbeat.

"That's insane... I mean, I've seen this virus kill. Actually kill. Perhaps it has mutated since the initial outbreak. People don't live after hemorrhaging pints of blood doc, I, of all people, would know that. If the virus is causing biological dormancy, that would explain the lack of decay. It wouldn't explain why it killed the majority of the human populace last year." Cyrus pondered as he began reading the charts from Lucile's blood tests.

"Perhaps the virus has weeded through the people who couldn't support it. Maybe it's less of a virus and more of a parasite. I'm immune, which must mean this symbiote can't support itself using my genes. As far as I'm aware, I'm the only person with this condition. Other people got sick, but they recovered. They must have rejected the symbiote after the initial attack on their immune systems. Then you have this guy... he must be a match. If the symbiote has taken over his biological functions, that may be why he's still alive but braindead. But you have to consider, after billions of years of evolution, this symbiote would have never succeeded from generation to generation if the host was unable to eat. The host dies, the symbiote dies."

An epiphany struck Cyrus like a tire iron to the back of the head. "Doc... what if this isn't a coma... what if it's a metamorphosis? What if the virus can take control of a person?"

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