Together Pt. 3


The moment the panther appeared, instinct seemed to take over Maria as she notched an arrow quickly. The black coloration of her hands leaked onto the arrow and was on the tip just as she shot it at the chest of the beast. Lowering down into a crouch, she also pressed her hands to the ground.

Any plantlife around began to rot away and spread toward the creature at a quicker pace than she intended. Her heart was racing, heightened almost too fast for someone so small. Sweat was already beading down her forehead, blue eyes narrowing at the beast.

"Go. Away," She whispered to the panther.



"I don't think that's a good idea, Fox." Ron says with concern in his voice as he got to his feet. Going to the crib, he gently picked up Hope and brought her over, sitting with the baby nestled in his lap. Holding the child reminded him of a time when his daughter was that small, that sweet.

He missed her so much.

"Besides, what can we do?" He asked. "I probably should keep an eye out anyway. Make sure no one comes to raid this place, right?"

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