Necessary measures

Lucile rolled her eyes; "Was that really necessary?" She asked as she began to pull the sheet over the man's head. "I mean, he is going to be incased in a pod that he can't get out of if he rises from the dead...again?" She snickered at her own joke as she closed the 'casket.'

The large cat skid to a stop at the sound of two gunshots being fired in the nearby distance. James watched carefully with curiosity as the paws of the predator landed directly into the grass that had begun to turn black.

"I'm just worried about them. Though, Maria is really fast with her bow and James is extremely protective of her. I guess I can assume they will find a way to be okay. Maybe it's best if we do pack what we can and start heading that way. It's been a while since they left, and Hope needs Guardian." Fox twirled a blue curl around her finger as she spoke, avoiding eye contact for the entirety of the conversation. It had always been a bad habit of hers that she was often scolded for by her parents before the pandemic.

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