Lucile quickly followed Cyrus outside and watched as the panther ran off. She drew a pistol she had hidden behind her lab coat and shot twice at the cat. It fell to the ground with a heavy thump as Lucille shrugged; "One less predator to worry about." She walked up to Whisper with a curious look; "mind explaining the dying grass around you? Why is your skin a different colour? How peculiar."

James flinched as shots fired behind him. His hands flew to his ears, but it didn't stop them from ringing afterwards. "That's lovely. Thank you for that." He said sarcastically towards Lucille as he rubbed his head.

Squinting at the sunlight peeking through the boarded windows, Guardian began to awake. She blinked hard before rubbing her eyes to adjust. "Xen, are you awake?" She whispered so that she didn't wake up him if he were still asleep.


The blue haired teen thought for a moment before making direct eye contact; "I think it's best that we pack what's left and head towards the rest of the group. Guardian is going to be missing Hope and I am worried about James and Whisper."

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