He Can Joke After All

Whisper shrank away at Lucile's scrutiny. "I...I don't know. They just do it when I feel in danger lately." She explained, looking down to her hands where the black coloration was starting to fade. "It started up...uhm...how long ago was it, James?" Both of her hands went to her stomach as she looked to Cyrus apologetically. It seemed wherever they went chaos ensued.

Xen was sitting up, tying the strings of his boots to make them more comfortable. "If I said I'm not awake, I would be lying." He answered Guardian in his usual calm tone, but there was a hint of the joke in his voice and eyes. "Sleep well?"


Ronald nodded to Foxfoot. "I'll get things prepared for the journey." He explained to her calmly before heading to his room to grab whatever he would need. After doing so, he would return and help the blue haired girl sort through what she needed and pack it so that they could make sure the long walk would be as comfortable as possible for little Hope.

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