One month

Guardian walked through the halls of the tribes home, stopping by each persons door to wake them up. She stopped first at Alues door and gently pushed it open; "Good morning you two." She said softly to the girl and her wolf. "Breakfast is in the main room, ready to eat." She had woken up earlier and prepared a special breakfast for everyone. In the main room, the tribes members would find pancakes, scrambled eggs, and fresh spring water. She then started to make her way to Jame's and Whisper. She had reprimanded Whisper a few weeks ago about strenuous activity with her wound, but respected her choice to be with James.

James woke up slowly with Whispers head lying on his chest. He had stayed in her room the night before. He ran his fingers through her hair and kissed the top of her head lovingly. The smell of the breakfast Guardian had prepared overwhelmed his senses and made his mouth water. "Hey, Whisper. I think Guardians going to come in here soon to wake us up." He said quietly.

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