Waking Up And Information


Blue eyes fluttering open, Whisper looked up to James and smiled softly. After being reprimanded by Guardian about overexerting herself and the healing wound they had agreed to be more gentle, but she would not let it stop her from being with him. She had not said it yet, but deep inside her heart, the brunette knew she loved him. She was just afraid to let anyone know her period had skipped over the last month.

Slowly sitting up, she kissed James and began to slip from the bed to grab up her clothes and pull them on. She was already in her usual undergarments of a tank top and a pair of shorts, but for daily wear, she always had to be in layers. It made her feel more comfortable in her own skin.

Though, thanks to James, Whisper had slowly been growing more comfortable with wearing fewer clothes than usual. "James," She started and glanced back to him. "I...my period hasn't come this month..."

She was unsure of how he or Guardian would respond to this news.

(OOC: Hey, I mad a new character and wasn't sure if you noticed. If there's anything I should change before you feel comfortable approving them I'm, let me know. I'm happy with the time skip, by the way.)

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