Fox yawned and sat up slowly after hearing Guardian knock on the door. "Hm? I'm up." She said tiredly before yawning again. Her blue hair was tangled and strewn about wildly. She threw on a long sweatshirt and average underwear before walking out of her room with no pants. She went into what had previously been a break room and poured hot coffee for herself and Guardian, who was now standing next to her while holding a very sleepy Hope. "That's the last pot of coffee. We're going to have to take the whole team on a 2 hour hike to the grocery store today." Guardian said, sipping her hot coffee with one hand and cradling Hope in her other arm. Most stores in what used to be heavily populated areas had been ransacked and trashed, but their tribe was located in what had been a small town. Guardian had moved the tribe to this town after days of walking months ago. The store had hardly been touched because most of the towns population had died quickly. Foxfoot nodded tiredly in response and poured another cup of coffee for Alue while waiting for her and the wolf to emerge from their room.


For a moment James sat in bed quietly, thinking about what she was implying. Suddenly he stood up, understanding now. "You mean... you... you might be pregnant?" He said, at first seeming concerned but soon after, smiling. "Is that a bad thing to you?" He asked, pulling her into his arms and kissing her lips. He had never even thought about being a parent, let alone finding someone that could be a life partner. He knew from the first night with Whisper that he was in love with her, before anything had even happened between them, he knew. The thought of raising a baby with her excited him, though he wasn't going to say it until he knew how she felt. Her life had already been full of men pressuring her into things she wasn't ready for, and he'd never be that man.

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