With a shake of her head, Whisper returned the kiss to James and smiled. "No, I'm happy to be pregnant, especially since it's yours." She explained in her always soft voice as she reached up to brush back his hair. It was growing back quickly and she was tempted to convince him to let her cut it for him. "I'm just afraid to bring a child into this world..."



Dark gold eyes lingered on the town as Xen Monroe took slow and precise steps forward. A hand gripped tightly onto a long spear, the blade glinting in the sunlight. He had survived the cities and their audacity, witnessed the madness that came with people dying left and right.

He had lost the only thing to lose and now went about business however he pleased. Seeing this town, the dark haired male figured there could be nothing to lose in checking it out, especially if food was available. He really needed a good meal right now...

He had heard rumors of a tribe in the area from a traveling bandit, but was unworried. Many people tried and failed to stop him on his trek in the past. They would not accomplish stopping him this time either.

Or so he thought...

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