Morning Coffee Part 2


With a nod, Whisper let out a soft gasp and bit back a moan that threatened to escape when he nibbled her skin. That was when she heard him say it, heard James say words she only dreamed of hearing. No one had ever spoken those three little words to her, not even family members.

Pulling back, Whisper met his gaze and tried to read the emotions held in his. "I..." She began, seeing the emotions she had taken note of over the past month in those beautiful gold orbs. "James, I love you too." The words spilled out of her mouth, filled with all the emotions she felt for him.

She knew they really needed to join Guardian and the others for breakfast, but this moment felt far more important than getting some coffee in her. She wanted - no, needed - to hear those words from James. She needed to hear the happiness in his voice over her possibly being pregnant.

Whisper had never felt loved before...

When she and James finally did join the others for breakfast, it was in preparation for anything possible. No matter what day or situation it was, the petite young woman always had her bow and some hand crafted arrows. Over the past month she had even made a new bow for James that was stronger than his last one.

She just prayed that whatever they did today would go without incident.

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