James sipped coffee and ate breakfast with a little more enthusiasm than usual. He watched Whisper with careful eyes. He didn't know much about pregnancy, but he knew about early symptoms and was observant, just in case. He knew the others would be able to pick up on his optimism, but didn't do much to hide it anyway. "So, are we leaving anytime soon for the store?" He asked, looking at Guardian. "We're leaving now actually, everyone get your stuff ready for a hike. Everyone bring an extra bottle of water, pack a form of self defense, but keep it light." Guardian responded.


Guardian watched James move around awake and aware. She turned to Alue and Fox with a raised eyebrow, seeing if they picked up on the extra energy as well. Before she could say anything, James asked when they were leaving. She told everyone to pack and be ready to leave as she walked out the front door. She checked her hiking pack that she had ready the night prior. After confirming everything was where it needed to be, she sheathed a machete on her side and waited for the others.

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