Ready To Go

Whisper shook her head with a smile at Shadow's behavior. Ever since meeting Alue she had noticed how much the young wolf seemed to hate mornins and always found his attitude to be rather entertaining. It wasn't everyday one saw a black wolf act so childishly, after all.

Upon Guardian's orders, the brunette turned her gaze to James. "Make sure youve got that new bow I made for you." She said with pride, happy little butterflies dancing around in her stomach at the moment. She was still so elated and metaphorically sat on Cloud Nine simply because her was so happy to raise a child with her.

"We need to be extra careful," She continued as she adjusted her own bow and ate quickly. "Since the incident with those bandits happened, I don't want any of us to get hurt again..." Her blue eyes fell to James and silently told him Especially you.

Making sure everything was in her bag, the petite bow user stepped outside to see if Guardian needed any help. It was not until she was actually outside that Whisper realized she was wearing one of James' shirts and tried. The collar was too low and revealed some cleavage, but the fabric was comfortable and it carried His scent.

She would not be Changi today.

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