The Hike


Guardian chuckled at the grown wolf having an attitude. "He reminds me of your morning attitude Alue." She said teasingly. She had grown very fond of the wolf over the past month, as Hope was now 2 months old and only laughed when she could see Shadow. Mid hike, Guardian realized that Whisper was wearing James's shirt and was slightly revealed. She smiled to herself, knowing this meant Whisper was growing more comfortable with herself. She combed her fingers through her own thick hair and closed her eyes as she walked for a moment, reminiscent of the days she would wear her husband's shirt around and play with their child. It seemed like it was only yesterday, but it'd been months since they passed. A sad smile painted itself on her face as she continued the walk. "We should be close " she said after about 2 hours.

James flirted tediously the entire hike; he was not typically a flirty and optimistic type of person.. but the idea of being a father excited him, the idea of being a father to Whispers children seemed surreal. He was still surprised he even caught her attention and won her trust. As they got closer, he pulled Whisper into his arms for a moment and kissed her lips; "I meant it this morning, when I said I love you." He then wrapped her in a soft hug. As he did, he noticed a sad smile on Guardians face and grew curious. "Hey, do you know if something is bother Guardian?" He asked quietly.

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