Uninvited Guest


Returning the kiss, a smile formed on Whisper's face. Hearing his reassurance about this morning only made the brunette's heart soar more. "And I meant it when I said it back, James." She declared with a soft smile.

"Hey, do you know if something is bother Guardian?" He asked quietly.

Turning her blue eyes toward Guardian she frowned at the sight of the sad smile. She was very aware that each and every one of them had a past ruined by this "plague", but she was unsure what exactly it was that had happened to Guardian. "I don't know..." She finally answered after a moment. "Maybe we can ask once we get back?"

The closer they got to their destination, the more alert Whisper became, though. She was determined not to let what happened last time to happen again.

If Shadow was keeping track of things, the wolf would catch the scent of a man ahead of them.


He had stepped into a store still well supplied and was looking through some medications when he heard the voices. Turning dark gold eyes toward the doorway, Xen tilted his spear down in an inoffensive manner. Despite always being ready for any situation, the man still found great discomfort meeting anyone.

Would they enter this store? From the sounds and different pitches of voices, he assumed it was a small group, possibly no more than five or six people. He was unsure at the moment.

He just prayed no children were involved...

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