Image of Aeglis Hammerstone

Summary: Gnarled, weather-beaten, body bent from years of close, detailed work a the jeweler's bench

Aeglis Hammerstone

Gender: male

Age: 75

Group: wizard




Aeglis is often a helpful and wise adviser He can be distrustful of others with an air of mystery about him.

distinguishing features

An old man with long beard. Who is considered by many to be ugly and misshapen. He is often seen wearing his leather work apron with his self-made magnifying glasses pushed up on his forehead. He never leaves home without his broad brimmed leather hat protecting his balding head from the elements.


Aeglis is often unpleasant, stubborn and may act in deceitful ways.


Endowed with magical powers he often dispares for days at a time in the forest. Believing in the old gods he spends time worshiping and embedding wards and other magical tools in the charms and amulets he makes,

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