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The furthest flung outpost of a mighty kingdom, turbulent waters and forbidding, trackless forests separate the folk of the Lonely Coast from civilisation’s gaudy lights and soft pleasures. Pirates and slavers ply the southern storm-tossed waters while goblins and other foul things creep through the gloom of the Tangled Wood that seemingly chokes the forgotten holds and sacred places of the Old People. Deep within the forest, a narrow, rock-choked defile piled deep with shadow cuts through a nameless range of rugged, tree-shrouded hills birthing dark, fearsome legends of terrifying monsters and glittering, doom-laden treasures. The perils of the Lonely Coast are legion and thus there is always a need for those with stout hearts and skill with blade and spell, or for those merely hungry for glory, to defend humanity’s most tenuous enclave.
Populated by hardy, industrious folk such a remote place is the perfect breeding ground for heroes. Characters growing up in the locality are probably of hardy peasant stock determined to better their lot for some reason.
Alternatively, characters new to the Lonely Coast could have arrived on one of the many merchantmen coming here to procure slate and tin or to trade for the furs and pelts gathered under the Tangled Wood’s glowering boughs. Some visitors come in search of adventure while others embrace the anonymity of the frontier. Still others, tiring of civilisation’s decadence, come to start a new life. Adventurers are normally intent on battling the ferocious humanoids of the interior or on uncovering the ancient ruins and hidden treasure caches of the Old People lying forgotten in the untamed places of the Tangled Wood.
This supplement provides a backdrop for dungeon delving and wilderness exploration. Adventure can also come to the villages and town, though. Occasionally wolves or other marauders take a lone woodsman or foraging villager. Other times, small bands of marauders raid a village, before melting away into the forest’s trackless depths. The intrigues of the villagers can also lead to adventure as old feuds and imagined (or real) insults turn to violence.

Design: John Bennett and Creighton Broadhurst Additional Design: Eric Menge, Martin Tideswell To learn more about Raging Swan Press, visit Development: Creighton Broadhurst Art: Larry Elmore, Rick Hershey, William McAusland, Brittany To learn more about Raging Swan Press on Patreon, visit
Michel, Matt Morrow, Dave Peterson, Marc Radle and Maciej
Zagorski (The Forge Studios). Some artwork copyright William
McAusland, used with permission. Publisher’s Choice Quality
Stock Art © Rick Hershey / Fat Goblin Games Cartography: Tommi Salama
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