Captain Bang Answers Your Call!

"So eh... what brings ye to Wolverton, Sire?" the carriage driver asked a little uneasy.

Obviously, the old man was not accustomed to his passengers wishing to sit beside him rather than in the actual carriage. But then, Aleric was not his average passenger and the view was much more accessible from atop the carriage, rather than inside it.

"I've come for research. Magical research. However, I shan't divulge anymore on the subject for I am certain beyond all doubt that you'll find it dreadfully boring. A fact that I am so certain of because I myself find it dreadfully boring," Aleric answered with an exaggerated yawn.

In point of fact, it was DREADFULLY boring research. You see, when studying the more obscure and 'forbidden' of magical schools, one generally has to overturn a great many rocks before anything useful finally crawls out. And Aleric's magical affinity was VERY obscure.

"Besides that, I hear tell that they have surprisingly good brew in these parts," Aleric continued.

"Ay, I shan't imagine it compares much to the fine wines you're used to, Sire," the carriage driver said.

Aleric's attire told the story of a man accustomed to wealth, privilege, and of course the finest of wines. Cheeses, too. But that's another story for another day. His hat especially, was made of the finest maroon suede, with gold embroidery, and a peacock feather so immaculate that even the golden rays of the sun seemed to dim around it for fear of fading its unrivaled opulescence.

"Nonsense, my good man! Why, some of the finest brews I've had the pleasure of sampling have come from parts more humble than these. After all, a lord's field can breed no better hops than a peasant's," Aleric retorted.

"Ay, you would know better than I on such matters," the carriage driver conceded with a slight bow of his head.

"Indeed I would. But as the subject matter expert on local affairs, perhaps you could recommend an establishment for me to test my alcohol hypothesis?" Aleric said as the carriage approached Wolverton.

Slowly, the carriage proceeded through the open gate of the earthen backed, wood palisade. Despite being constructed of simple materials, Aleric surmised that it would take quite a substantial force to breach the town's fortifications. Someone clearly knew what they were doing.

Eventually both carriage and driver deposited him, minus a few coins and parting words, in front of the The Hare and the Ass Tavern. He brought his hand to his chin as he read the sign.

"Seems like my kind of establishment," Aleric declared, removing his immaculate feathered cap and walking in.

The fancy headdress took up a significant portion of the bar as he approached the barkeep and set it down in front of himself.

"Good day!" he declared as the half-ork turned to acknowledge him with a near imperceptible nod. "Three pints of your finest brew, my good man. And I do prefer a tall head."

Aleric then lifted his hat and a generous stack of coins lay on the counter. Despite himself, the corners of the half-ork's mouth seemed to curl ever so slightly upward at the minor show of magic. He swept up the pile and soon returned with Aleric's drinks.

After settling down onto a bar stool and downing the first of what truly was an excellent brew, Aleric's keen magic senses caught wind of something. No, not fine cheeses! His attention was drawn to a tall, lanky, grey clad gentleman to his right. The man was clearly as pleased with his drink as Aleric. But there was more. Yes! Yes, he was sure of it now.

"Well, I'll be! Truly, I wasn't expecting to see a fellow magic user in these parts!" Aleric said, giving the man a hearty and wholly unexpected slap on the back that sent a portion of his beverage sloshing over the brim and onto, well, everything. "What brings you here, friend?"

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