FERADUL’ S TOWER (Wolverton)

Date: Moonday, 1 Hithrinden deep in the
An aura of cold malice wraps around this tower fashioned of
blackened stone and fire-twisted iron. This is the home of Feradul
Alwynnaith (LE male half-elf wizard 7) and is a cold, dark and
uncomfortable place shunned by the townsfolk. A former
adventuring companion of the reeve of Bossin, Jacca Landers,
Feradul uses the fortune he amassed to study the dark arts of
necromancy. He resents his weak human side and yearns for the
immortality that should have been his as a full-blooded elf.
Therefore, he has already started down the long path to lichdom objects and information he needs. Feradul cultivates relationships
with numerous half-goblin tribes and plans to take the Lonely
Coast by force when he becomes a lich.
I Need Corpses: Feradul requires a steady stream of fresh
corpses for his vile experiments. Thus, he occasionally breaks into
the cemetery (location 7 click here to see map) to secure “supplies.” Characters abroad
at night could run into the necromancer and stymie his plans.
Bring Me Old Things: Feradul hires adventurers to search the
Lonely Coast’s ancient ruins for any Tuath objects or information
relating to lichdom and the undead. He rarely uses the same
group more than a handful of times, to keep his research secret.

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