Character Starting Position for: Therrin Bhule, Reeve of Wolverton (Fighter)

Date: Moonday, 1 Hithring, 413
Therrin Bhule, Reeve of Wolverton, entered the vast, empty banquet hall at Caer Cyllan, and joined his old friend, Lord Kenver Locher, at the head of the large wooden table. Their usual hearty breakfast steamed invitingly as they sat down.

"She's back," Lord Kenver Locher said.

"Back," Therrin replied, staring at the forkful of eggs he'd been about to eat, his mind suddenly very focused as the guilt he'd suffered with this past year came crashing back in.

"Showed up early this morning," Locher continued, pretending not to notice his friend's reaction. "She had a young man with her who, apparently, had saved her life from an assassin. Another companion accompanied them. She seems to be fine, though very concerned about her ... Savior."

Therrin noticed the hesitation and unfavorable emphasis on the last word, and shoved his own feelings back into their well-worn storage box.

"She is well? Did she say ... "

"She is, and no, the subject of her absence has not yet been broached. Plenty of time for that later, as I can assure you she will not slip away again."

The reeve of Wolverton winced and lowered his gaze to his plate once more at the perceived rebuke. "I won't let you down again, my Lord."

"Huh? Oh, you know I don't blame you, Therrin," Locher said dismissively, around a mouthful of toasted bread and jam. "She's always been a wilfull child, and since her mother's death ... "

Both men lapsed into silence, as much due to the loss each still felt, as at the various associated feelings. "At any rate," Locher continued, smiling tiredly at his oldest living friend, "Tam is home, but she brought troubling news with her. An assassin found her despite her efforts to remain incognito, and it was only through the actions of her ... friend, that she survived."
"You said she was well?" Therrin thought of the teenager as a neice despite the absence of blood connection, and worry warred with his guilt over letting her slip out of the caer and off the Lonely Coast over a year ago. Truly, he'd never stopped worrying about the girl, and wanted nothing more at that moment than to jump up and seek her out, to see for himself that she was okay.
"Oh, the assassin ... Mind you, I only have the bits and pieces I've been able to pull together amidst her frantic pleas to save her--the--young man."

Therrin nodded, leaning forward, holding his breath.

"Apparently this young man, I think his name is
Mateus, was ... in the room with her when the assassin crept in.
The woman had been known to Tamsyn, wherever she was living out her mad adventure, and was planning to murder my daughter in her sleep with a poisoned blade.

"Tam recognized the poison once the assassin was dead"

"Our Tam killed this ... traitorous bitch?" Therrin felt a rush of pride at the thought.

"Nay, 'twas her--" Locher shook his head violently, as if to throw off an unwanted pest. "This Mateus, little more than a child himself, and certainly not what anyone would call a fighter from the looks of him, became aware of the assassin before she could strike, and when he jumped up to protect Tam, he seems to have had the good fortune of accidentally breaking the would-be killer's neck!"

"Remarkable," Therrin interjected, breathless despite
his vast experience as a capable warrior in his own right.
"Yes. Unfortunately, the blade she_ carried was coated with death's cheat poison, and when he attacked her, the blade scratched his hand ... "
Both men knew that there was no hope for the boy. Death's cheat is a poison used by assassins the world over to effectively remove targets from the realm of the living without actually killing them. The poison causes its victim to enter such a deep slumber that nothing can revive them. They can only be cared for by loved ones, often until old age takes them. No one has ever regained consciousness after being poisoned thus, and no medicines nor magics, even those of the gods, have yet been discovered to help.

"He's being examined by the healers and priests even as we speak, much good as it will do him."

"But she's okay?" Therrin asked, relaxing as he realized his friend would be very distraught indeed if she were not.

"Yes. Well enough, I think, that a good chewing out from her old trainer might be in good order." Locher smiled across the table at his friend and they finished breakfast quietly, before going to talk to the returned Lady of Caer Cyllan.

A few hours later, Therrin made his way wearily back down into Wolverton, to his manor location 4 , where he had a small lunch. He had been thinking about a great many things since having a long talk with Tamsyn--mostly about the assassin--and he needed to figure out what he wanted to do next.

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