A bit stuffy for such a young wizard

A bit indignant at Aleric's boisterous greeting, the droll dressed wizard returned Aleric's question back to him, “What brings me here, Aleric?”

Hmmm... the boy knew his name. Were the two of them acquainted? He certainly didn't remember him. Then again, judging by his dress and the tone of his voice, he was not a particularly memorable fellow. In the end, he supposed there was really only one way to know.

“Wait, you know of me? Have we met? What trouble did I help you overcome?” Aleric asked, raising an eyebrow and bringing hand to chin in thought.

“No,” Falror smiled inwardly. "We have not met, just you seem to be the sort of person whose renown arrives long before they do.”

Truer words had not yet been spoken by men! Surely, this boy had not long ago come from one of the Wizard's Colleges or perhaps even one of the great Mage Towers. As Aleric had spent time at nearly all of them in his quest for arcane obscurities, his exploits had likely caught the attention of many a student.

“Yes! I guess it would! After all, my exploits are many and varied and more than the occasional maiden has sung my praises, if you know what I mean. From the Great Balrog of Mos Eisley whome I both defeated and conquered to the...," what followed was but the briefest description of only Aleric's MOST noteworthy adventures from the past year, and yet it lasted the better part of two hours and consumed the remaining two pints of brew set before the Sage. "...and that, my boy is why I use antlers in ALL of my decorating. So, what was it you were saying brought you to the Lonely Coast?"

“Nothing of particular importance, or even interest,” Falror sighed wearily. "Just a small chore to return an overdue library book for an old friend.”

“Seriously?” Aleric said, more than a hint of scrutiny in his voice.

Young though he was, this boy was already well on his way to becoming yet another cloistered old coot, devoted to books and scrolls, rather than living and breathing. Still, crossing paths with Aleric the Sage meant that there was at least some hope for the poor boy.

“Most certainly, I was about to ask the barkeeper here where I may find the library….” Falror was droning on limply.

"Hmmm... perhaps the imperceptible will of the Immaterium has brought us into eachother's paths. You see, I seek out and study only the most obscure of tomes. As you are no doubt aware, my school of magic is amongst the most rare. Oh, many are the languages I've had to learn just to in tern learn the worthlessness of a scroll!" Aleric lamented. "Anyway, as I suspect that you are here for a little more than just an overdue library book, perhaps we can be of service to eachother... or at least serve as some like-minded company. Something to think about, that is all my boy. Let not thine Wizard's pride get in the way of living life."

And with those words spoken, Aleric rose a slight bit shakily from his stool and dissapeared. Literally. Dissapeared. Not invisible. Just gone.

The barkeeper ofcourse appeared very amused.

OOC: Please try to refrain from speaking for my character. I worked with it this time and I'm sure it was completely innocent. But if I were to speak for yours... well, I've no way of knowing what you'd have intended your character to say and weather or not he truly loves giraffes as much as I might portray. Thx. 😉

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