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Read and Weep (books) offers a slim collection of
books, mostly histories and a few story books.
Occasionally, the shop has a minor spellbook or scroll
for sale.

Sir Nalm’s Centre of Reading (library) was founded
as a institute to bring literacy to even the poorest child,
and is one of the few buildings open to full public
access in town.

Top It Off (hat shop) offers the latest in hat fashion for
both men and women, including custom-fit pieces.
Some pieces are ludicrously tall and complicated.

The Waystation (bard lodging) dedicates itself to
lodgings for travelling bards who frequent the town, as
their comfort is paramount to being able to perform
well while visiting.

The Archives (historian) keeps detailed records of all
townsfolk, community commerce, animal migration
patterns and more.

Trinket Trader (relic hunter) is a dwarven operation
that scours the forest for supposedly hidden treasures.
They are not popular with the townsfolk.

Cladded Glade (fine clothes) sells luxurious dresses
and gaudy raiments to wealthy residents. There is a
long waiting list for their services.

Meanderings (scholar) holds endless shelves of
books and scrolls, none of which are available for
purchase. Access comes at a premium, and no one is
ever left alone in the library.

Jangle’s (currency changer) can exchange virtually
any currency from all the known lands, as well as a few
unknown ones. They charge an 8% fee, but ask no
questions of their clients.

Scrollden (library) is a large depository of books and
scrolls in every possible language, all for sale, of
course. Its owner is an old man, who is rumoured to
never set foot outside his shop during the day.

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